System Architecture

We have participated in a variety of projects and in contact with a lot of different systems and architectures. We have worked with both programming and designing small and large systems of varying nature, and has during this time got us a vision on what characterizes good system architecture. We have made our own mistakes and we have seen others mistakes. We have seen what works and what does not. We have seen technology shifts and buzz-words come and go. We want, and think it is important that all the time participate in programming efforts and to code, just because that's when you see what architecture in terms of working and not. These experiences have resulted in our approach to architecture, or rather, the objectives of the architecture (in addition to the usual suspects on the scalability, performance, etc.):

  • It should go quickly and easily to develop
  • Application Management should be in focus
  • It is the exceptions from the rules, and not the rules themselves, which makes the architecture.
  • We often work with architecture in some ways for most of our customers, either with developing architecture solutions to the Enterprise or system level review on existing systems or act mentor support to development departments.


    We have long experience of development in the Microsoft environment and we are now primarily working with C # even though we have a background in VB. We still very much like to program, and operates either on a consulting basis, or developing whole systems. Part of our strength lies in a solid technology expertise, but because we deliberately do not focus on any specific industry, it is the combination of technical expertise and our ability to quickly bring us into different sectors and its problems which makes us so strong. We often work proactively, take own decisions, and question a lot. If you and your company choose to work with us, and put a set of requirements in hand on us, you will surely encounter questions and arguments. If you feel comfortable with it, so do not hesitate to contact us.

    Server Configuring / Product Knowledge

    The long experience of development (and our obstinate attitude to always solve the problems we come before) has meant that we also become very good at a range of Microsoft products. Windows, Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, BizTalk Server, Exchange Server, ISA Server, plus a lot else.


    Even if we give ourselves to soft things, image editing, chosing colors and drawing, we know it's not our strongest side. Then we instead use our friends, which we have bilateral relationships with (and also share offices with).

    Client Database in SharePoint

    Do you need to keep track of customers, projects, documents, calendar, activities? We have built a bunch of applications that are in that nature of things over the years (most systems handle that namely ..). We have built them as Web and Windows applications, but also as Microsoft SharePoint applications. SharePoint is often a good option when you quickly want to get on the track with something you can build furhter on. The built-in document management, Microsoft Office Integration, Workflow, and the favorable licensing model means that many customers like it. That we have done it before, we know how long it takes - no surprises - tend to be extra attractive. Contact us for more information.