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Are you impatient?

Have you received the 53rd email from the head of a new restructuring or revival? Do you want to proceed? Would you like to work with the latest technology together with committed people, in dynamic projects?

We always want to come into contact with new people and we have, even during the recession, had much to do. If you feel that you are the right person and if you want to take a new step in your career, just contact us. Check out the projects we implemented and our profile, and see if there is something that you fit. You do not have 100 years of experience in development or as a consultant (even if it's good ;-) - attitude beats experience, but we expect that you are pretty self-propelled and can take personal responsibility and individual initiative.

We offer a flexible job with great potential for further development, both professionally and personally (check out the training opportunities in the office!). But the most important, we have lots of fun!

Join us!