About us

Numlock Systemutveckling was formed in September 2007 and consists of Ricky and Daniel (who met 1993 while studying at the Royal Institue of Technology in Stockholm) . Both have worked with system development on the Microsoft platform since the late 90s, often together

Ricky Lundstål

Born 1974. Good at:

System architecture, Project management, .NET (c#), SQL Server, ASP.NET functional demands and keeping whole systems in brain RAM.

In my spare time, the family is number one, but I try to get as much exercise as time permits; play 'rinkbandy' in winter, has ran some Marathon and Lidingö Loppet, former national team member and instructor in Taekwondo. Spend all free time on it (online of course) at Björkö bay outside Norrtälje. Married and two kids.

CV Ricky Lundstål.pdf

Daniel Brünteson

Born 1973. Good at:

System architecture, .NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET, BizTalk, SharePoint, CM, server configuration

Married and two kids. Likes to drive enduro (moto cross), road cycling, running, alpine skiing, kettelbells.

CV Daniel Brünteson.pdf